Identity Checklist



Identity Checklist


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Before we can act for you, we need to be sure of your identity and where you have got your assets from.

Ireland has an extensive anti-financial crime regime in place. Specific anti-money laundering laws require

professional persons and other bodies which might likely be able to identify instances of money laundering/terrorist

financing to perform customer due diligence, implement anti-money laundering and counter financing terrorism

policies and procedures and report suspicions to the authorities. Solicitors and tax consultants are designated

persons under this legislation.


Therefore, in order to identify and verify you as a client and before you can become our client, even if we might know

you, you should provide the following information to us to prove your identity and your permanent address. You

should bring the originals of these documents to our meeting for final verification. If we are not to meet shortly, you

should provide us with certified copies of these documents by regular post.




a scan/copy of your passport or driver’s licence

a scan/copy of a recent (within the last 3 months) utility bill setting out your usual permanent address.




identity verification of settlor,

identity verification of trustee and

identity verification of identifiable beneficiary

certified copy of the relevant trust documentation.




identity verification of each shareholder

identity verification of each director

certified copies of the certificate of incorporation and any change of name

certified copies of the latest memorandum and articles of association of the company.


Professional firms


Where we act on a consultancy basis for you as another professional firm we shall rely on the fact that we assume


you are a designated body under EU/national legislation to carry out identity checks;

that you have in fact carried out the necessary anti money laundering checks on your clients in each case;

that you will continue to monitor your clients for this purpose;

that you will notify us immediately should you cease to have a business relationship with the relevant

client; and

that you will advise us if such cessation arises out of concerns and/or suspicions with regard to money laundering and/or terrorist financing.



The anti-money laundering legislation requires us to apply enhanced measures to Politically Exposed Persons (‘PEPs’) who are resident outside Ireland. If you have, or have had, a high political profile, or hold, or have held, public office or are a known close associate or are closely related to such a person, you should please advise us as further checks and procedures must then be undertaken prior to us establishing a business relationship with you.

We may from time to time request further information from you such as up to date information and information to

understand your circumstances and business, the source of wealth involved in any transaction, the purpose of

specific activities and the expected nature and level of activities.


In all cases we are obliged to retain these details for 5 years.



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